Evidence of the Afterlife

Episode #8 Daria Korobova

December 06, 2020 Maverick Vardøger Episode 8
Evidence of the Afterlife
Episode #8 Daria Korobova
Show Notes

Evidence of the Afterlife Episode #8 Daria Korobova.

Daria Korobova works as a psychic and medium. Her goal is to bring the mind-body and spirit into balance and allow clients to take full control of their destinies. Building on her background as an occupational therapist, Daria is also a clinical herbalist, kundalini yoga instructor, and a student of Chinese medical arts, acupuncture, and Taoist practices.

Maverick Vardøger is the best selling author of The Vibrational State: Three Years of Out of Body Experiences and Lead Line: One Man’s Search for Spiritual Truth.

Maverick and Daria discuss kundalini, mediumship, OBEs, and the astral realms.

Links for Daria Korobova:

Website: https://magical-journey.com/about/

Links for Maverick Vardøger: 

Website: http://www.maverickvardoger.com

The Vibrational State: https://amazon.com/dp/108667765X

Lead Line: https://amazon.com/dp/B08LN5K98H

Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/user/maverick-vard-ger

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